Skin analysis is probably the most important step on your journey to healthier and better-looking skin. It allows skincare professionals to better understand the unique condition of your skin and build a treatment plan that is customized to YOUR specific needs and concerns. This, in turn, increases the chances of achieving your treatment goals faster, and with lower risk of complications or side effects. In other words, skin analysis can eliminate most of the guesswork and keep us focused on treatments and products that are more likely to help your skin improve.   

OBSERV® offers the most comprehensive toolkit for in-depth analysis and diagnostics of your skin. There are several reasons why the OBSERV® is considered the most effective skin analysis machine on the market:

  • The OBSERV® is equipped with up to 9 different light modes, each tells a different part of your skin’s story. Together, they provide a holistic and objective picture of your skin in its full glory.
  •  We can layer and compare different light modes in order to point out correlations between skin conditions and have a much more accurate understanding of your skin’s overall health condition.
  • We can “peel” your skin in order to expose early signs of aging that are lurking beneath the surface and treat them BEFORE they become visible to the naked eye.
  • We can take pictures from up to 5 different angles, so no area of your face will be missed or neglected.
  • The OBSERV® provides the highest quality pictures of your skin and unmatched Before & After comparison, so you can see how your skin is transforming and improving from session to session (even the most minute details!). The OBSERV® is also equipped with a unique Face Positioning System that guarantees your pictures are always consistent.
  • No more guesswork! OBSERV® reveals hidden skin abnormalities that cannot be detected by the naked eye, no matter how experienced your skincare provider is or how big their magnifying glasses are.  

Keeping your pictures and personal information safe is a top priority. We have taken extra precautions to ensure your sensitive information is well-protected. All your pictures and personal information are safely stored in a high-security cloud platform (called Sylton Safe) which is only accessible by the clinic. OBSERV® is 100% GDPR and HIPPA proof, meeting all the requirements for properly handling personal data as defined by law.

Depending on your skin condition, the OBSERV® Skin Analysis process may take up to 60 minutes. While capturing your pictures takes 5 minutes or less, most of the time is allocated to an in-depth analysis of your skin. Keep in mind the OBSERV® Skin Analysis session is an informative experience, and we want to make sure we take enough time to explain your skin’s condition and needs, so you will also have an in-depth understanding of your skin.

The cost of your OBSERV® Skin Analysis procedure is usually included in the cost of your treatment plan. However, if you are interested in a stand-alone skin analysis session, the cost usually ranges from $100 – $140, depending on the specific OBSERV® clinic and the duration of the procedure.

Ideally, you would thoroughly clean your skin 2 hours before your OBSERV® session, so by the time you arrive at the clinic your skin will be free of makeup/sunscreen/moisturizer or any other product that may interfere with the skin analysis process. However, we do understand this might not always be feasible. If you cannot clean your skin before coming to the clinic, we will do it for you; we will prepare your skin by thoroughly cleansing it to remove makeup, sunscreen, or any other skincare product.

There are no contraindications or restrictions, and everyone can use the OBSERV® safely, including people with epilepsy or light sensitivity.

No. The True-UV mode uses a fraction of the UV power that can actually cause damage to skin tissue. Thanks to the unique light reflectors and light diffusing elements of the OBSERV®, only a tiny and harmless UV intensity is needed.  

Of course! All your pictures, treatment recommendations, home-care instructions, and any other notes taken during the skin analysis process will be sent to your email as part of a final Skin Analysis Report. The report summarizes your OBSERV® findings and personalized treatment plan. You can conveniently read it at home and come back to the clinic for your next session more well-informed and ready for your treatment.